AS 4269 : Australian Complaints Handling Standard

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AS 4269 was the world's first formal Standard about how to handle customer complaints.

Developed in 1995 by a committee working under the auspices of Standards Australia, AS 4269 described the components of best practice complaints-handling as it was understood at that time.

Although conformance with the Standard was not mandated in most sectors in Australia, many government, education and commercial organisations voluntarily adopted the Standard as part of their customer-focus initiatives.


Replaced by ISO 10002

As international interest grew about the importance of having a best-practice framework for complaints-handling, the Australian Standard became the springboard for work which followed.  In 2001, ISO, the international Organization for Standardization based in Geneva, began work on drafting the first international standard for complaints-handling.

In July 2004 the new international standard was released as ISO 10002.  It embodies many of the core principles of the original AS 4269 but extends those earlier ideas into a more comprehensive and more demanding Standard.

AS 4269 is no longer current.  Standards Australia has a policy of adopting international ISO standards where it makes sense to do so.  Accordingly, in 2006, with only very minor amendments from ISO 10002, Australia adopted AS-ISO-10002-2006 as the replacement for AS 4269.

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