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Did you know....?
The average customer with a problem will tell between 8 and 10 people about it.

TARP 1986

See Resources for reference

No matter where you are on the journey - just starting out, or already with sophisticated processes, we have services to enhance your listening performance and outcomes. 

We can help your organisation harness the value of customer feedback and complaints,
using them to build and maintain business value.

Why is complaints-handling important?
It's more than good manners; it's good for business. Read our introductory paper.
Are your complaints processes best-practice?
Use our diagnostic questionnaire to see how you measure-up.
How much investment in complaints processes is justified?
Find out, and unlock more revenue as well, by using our powerful analyis.
Managing complaints well needs a system
Move beyond pen, paper and home-grown spreadsheets, to a purpose-designed system.
Complete closure and learning is now affordable
Hear your customers' churn and word-of-mouth intent with post-complaint follow-up.
Handling customer email just got easier
Customers love email, so let them use it to contact you.  Our smart routing tool makes it easy.
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