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Do your IT systems look "outward" to engage your customers, or "inward" helping run the business?  Both are important.

The Listening Post Group brings these together in a unique combination of expertise.

We have extensive off-the-shelf capability with solutions ready-to-go.  If you need more, our proven expertise coupled with our agile development methodolgy will take you from concept to capability - affordably.

Did you know....?
The main driver of high levels of customer retention is a well-documented complaints management process.

Ang and Buttle 2006

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Email handling just got easier

ASP on-demand model
No infrastructure is needed to hire RITA. There are no licences to buy. Just switch it on!

Often business process add-ons require that you must own ‘X” before you can use ‘Y”. RITA doesn’t give you that headache. It will work with anything.  If you receive Internet email today, RITA will fit right in, no matter what system you’re using. That goes for your document management and workflow solution, too, if you use one.

LP RITA learns by example. Give the system some examples in various categories to look at, and it’s away.

Adaptive learning
RITA is good, but it doesn’t always get it right. The system learns quickly and when, an error is identified it will not make that mistake again.

A well-trained RITA gets it right around 95% of the time. Try getting that level of accuracy from keyword based systems. RITA's accuracy is the result of recognising patterns from the whole text, not just reacting to words here and there.

with features that make a difference

Rapid implementation
RITA can be trained quickly once it's given categorised material to learn from.  For optimum performance, our implementation consultant works with you to select the best classification categories and sub-categories to fit the way your organisation works. That typcally takes two or three days.

Emotional tenor detection
In sensitively reacting to customer emails, it’s not just the topic that matters. It’s the tenor - anger, urgency and so on - that may need to modify your approach.  RITA can optionally detect most authors’ moods as well, and react and route differently, to help you pick up “high temperature” matters, sooner.

Auto response
As well as sending the email to the right place in your organisation (or meta-tagging it and inserting into your workflow) RITA can intelligently respond to the sender, with some well-chosen relevant words, or with a selected attachment or form.

Low cost
RITA does all this for a few cents per email.

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handling customer email just got easier

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