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Complaints are an inevitable part of business life and the business case for handling them well when they occur is overwhelming.

Listening Post offers a range of diagnostics tools and software which enable organisations to effectively manage their customer complaints at world's best practice levels.  These tools are proven effective and applicable anywhere in the world where the principles of customer focus have taken root and where the international standard for complaints-handling, ISO 10002, is welcomed and adopted.

Our tools are available to you.  We are interested in working with partners anywhere in the world who can use our service offerings to assist in meeting the needs of their clients.  

Why not work with us?

If you are a consultant or advisor in customer services and associated business processes, you may find offering the LP Review or LP CVA assessments to your clients brings them insights of real value and generates follow-on business improvement consulting project activity for you.

As an LP Partner you will enjoy significant discounted pricing of the service offerings which you on-sell directly into your client base and a generous share of the revenue stream for other services (such as LP Online, Endpoint and RITA) which are supplied directly by Listening Post to clients you have signed.

You can always be confident of our focussed support for you in all your projects and endeavours involving our products and services. 

Contact the sales team at Listening Post for further information.

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