Multi-participant (Group) comparative Review projects

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Customer loyalty after a complaint event essentially depends on satisfaction with the way the complaint is handled and is largely unaffected by overall or prior customer satisfaction.

Homburg and Furst 2005.

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Group-based Review projects

Groups of related organisations can engage LP Review in a combined project.  Participating confidentially, each receives their own conformance assessment.  Each also receives a de-identified report detailing the conformance, strengths and process deficiencies of the Group as a whole. 

Customised Questions

In multi-participant projects, additional questions can optionally be added to address special needs and to collect particular data of importance to the Group whilst preserving privacy, security and confidentiality. 

What now?

The starting point for a Group-based project is a conversation with a Listening Post consultant.  That initial contact explores:

  • whether you need customised content or additional questions,
  • the number of likely participants,
  • the desired time frame, and
  • whether each participant would enrol and pay separately, or whether a sponsor would pay the fees on behalf of the Group.

When you decide to go ahead, a project Charter is prepared, setting out the project in detail.  This forms the basis of the commercial agreement.

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