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Did you know....?
Customers who complain about service failure and are well recovered by their service providers are often more satisfied than they were before the service failure occurred.

Smith and Bolton 1998

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What is LP Review?

LP Review is a self-assessment diagnostic to ISO 10002, the international complaints-handling standard.  With LP Review you will see whether your approach to complaints management really measures-up.  

Why would I need it?

Despite best efforts, customer disappointment happens and complaints inevitably follow – and they are moments of truth for your organisation.  Handling them well pays enormous dividends, so it’s in your interests to know what “well” means.

Can I try it out?

Yes.  We have a cost-free “lite” version of the Review questionnaire.  It will give you a quick indication of your conformance with the best-practice Standard in just a few minutes.  Click here

What does it cost?

Priced from AUD$750, LP Review is a low-cost, high-yield investment in customer focus.

How can I buy LP Review?

Select the version best-suited to your needs, pay by credit card and receive the toolkit immediately by email.

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